How many times have you put others before yourself? When have you had time to connect and allow yourself to grow with each stage you’ve come to in life? Are you too busy loving others that you don’t have time for yourself? 


There’s no need to look at yourself and say, “Why me?” “Why don’t I have these things?”


This short guide will supply you with worksheets on sorting through mental blockages that have caused you to limit your abilities to love yourself more as well as:


  • Guidance on how to better understand yourself while learning more about yourself.

  • Enhancing what self-love looks like for you personally.

  • Identifying new ways that you can enjoy your own company.

  • Learn to trust yourself and your intuition.

  • Recognizing all the reasons why you should positively speak to yourself!

  • Bonus: Written and physical exercises to complete.


This is a short guide taken from “Shifting Your Mindset” book that will be released later in 2020.

Learning to Love Yourself More! by Shawnee Palmer

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