My Healing Journey Isn't Yours

Did the title throw you off? If so, good! It was meant to have you step into your power prior to reading this blog. Now, why would I do that? Simple. I know that many of you read blogs to learn something new about yourself but also seek answers. I'm here to tell you that the answer isn't in this blog or any other blog. It's right in between your eyes. (Read that twice) Anything that you watch and read helps to ignite what's already within you but has been covered up due to life. So good for you taking the initiative to be intentional about where you spend your time. I appreciate you for joining me! Ahhh, ok so let's get to today's short talk!

Read below:

Today I was reflecting on writing a list of affirmations. I decided to look back at past ones that have been helpful to me. I battle with anxiety and have experienced depression, so learning affirmations has helped organize my thoughts to reduce how the symptoms impact me throughout the years. Does it help? I'd say yes because I needed to learn how to communicate with myself and release the negative thoughts I had about myself during my lifetime. So yes, discovering new methods to speak to yourself allows you to learn and apply new knowledge s that helps elevate you out of your discomfort.

Affirmations helped me to connect more with myself and bring a sense of peace and clarity. It also allowed me to set internal boundaries that I didn't know I needed to do before.

So here are some affirmations that I hope you're able to apply to your life as well. Please feel free to make any adjustments as you write or state them to yourself. If you are on a healing journey, please note that "No two journeys are the same." So make yours as unique as you can!

Here you go!

  • I feel safe in this environment.

  • I feel whole and at peace.

  • I am comfortable with how my body feels.

  • It's normal for me to challenge my negative thoughts.

  • My emotions are essential, and I can express how I feel with ease.

  • I am learning new ways to be comfortable with the things I have control over in my life.

  • I am open to receiving clear messages about my life purpose.

  • I am releasing all things that are a hindrance to my purpose.

"This is a life lesson from me to you. Be true to yourself and watch the world around you be true to you as well."

Peace, Love & Light,


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