4 Tips to Building Self-Esteem

Having low self-esteem comes from experiences that we have in life. These experiences can often trigger negative emotions, feelings & actions toward self and others. Sometimes people are not aware that they have low self-esteem.

I recall a time would I would overly self criticize about everything. It would make me feel cringy and very incompetent, but I didn’t recognize the impact that this mindset had on me until I started seeing others criticize me in the same way. Then I would ask for others’ opinions about things, and the feedback wouldn’t match what I needed to dismiss my negative thinking patterns. After some time, and I mean years, I was able to sit and evaluate myself. I was able to identify what was missing from my life that was causing me to feel less about myself. The most impactful tool that I connect with was positive self-affirmations! Then I dived into using them daily; every day, I implemented them to start my day.

How we view ourselves is dependent upon how we view the world. Our vision is typically through the eyes of a youthful view, media images, society & cultural norms. So while everything impacts us, we can start dictating what feels best for us.

Here are a few tips on how to raise your self-esteem:

  1. Reward yourself when you do something where you have accomplished a goal or task.

  2. Stop looking for validation from others; validate yourself.

  3. Wear clothing, accessories, and colors that make you feel good.

  4. Self-Affirmations while looking in a mirror. Tell yourself that “You’re doing a good job!” “You’re amazing!”

Comment and let me and others know of some healthy & holistic activities that you engage in to build or maintain high self-esteem!

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