Meet Our Founder

After working in healthcare for many years, Shawnee developed a desire to become more active in helping people overcome the challenges in their lives. This desire soon transformed into a passion, which led Shawnee to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Addiction Counselor. She named her private mental health practice Alpine’s Empowerment Agency, both as a tribute to what she works with her clients toward—self-empowerment and overcoming their challenges—and after her grandmother, who has been a spiritual guide and angel for Shawnee, guiding her life long after she’s passed. 

Alpine’s Empowerment Agency provides a private space where individuals and families can receive counseling to uncover and address the root causes of the problems they face today. Shawnee has a passion for working with individuals who battle with substance abuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, anger, low self-esteem, and those who are grieving a loved one or having difficulties adjusting to a sudden life change. Through her agency, Shawnee strives to serve as her grandmother did, as a guide to those who are struggling in life, bringing them to a statement of acceptance and contentment.

Not only does Shawnee work with those in need of mental and spiritual healing, but she also aids in physical wellbeing. Shawnee is the owner of Love & Serenity Wellness, which is a company that provides natural, chemical-free hair, body, and skin products. Within this company, Shawnee incorporates her talents in the mental health sector by also providing books and consultation services that aid in healing, understanding, and gaining wisdom that guides individuals to fulfill their true purpose in life. With this business, Shawnee strives to work with new and aspiring entrepreneurs, teaching them how to reduce the barriers in their life, gain the knowledge that they need to be successful, and obtain the resources that they need to gain a sense of serenity and love for themselves as they venture out on their financial journey.


Shawnee knows that everyone has the potential to achieve their goals.  She’s made it her life goal to help others overcome the barriers and traumas that stand in the way of their life purpose.  

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If you’re on your healing journey and could benefit from more guidance, join my PRIVATE, Facebook support group -Shifting Your Emotional Mindset to learn new tools and exercises to create a healthy emotional mindset about yourself and your future.